How Can I Tell If My Garage Roof Is Asbestos?

asbestos roof

If you are planning to remove or modernise your garage, it’s important to know whether it contains asbestos. Asbestos isn’t easy to identify, especially if you are unsure what it looks like. So, you may well be wondering how can I tell if my garage roof is asbestos?

Due to its microscopic size asbestos was usually mixed with other materials to create Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s). This makes it very difficult to spot, especially when it has been mixed to create cement.

Tips To Spot An Asbestos Garage Roof.

asbestos roof

 When was it built?

Asbestos was only fully banned in the UK construction industry in 1999. The 1999 ban made the manufacture and supply of all asbestos products illegal in the UK.

Therefore, if your garage was constructed before 1999 there is a good chance that it contains asbestos.

 Many garage roofs which contain asbestos are constructed using flat or corrugated sheets of cement.

Check the surface.

Cement, which contains asbestos is usually fairly thin with visible fibres running through it. The surface will also have a texture and contain dimples or craters. Most older cement sheets contain asbestos.

How is it constructed?

Asbestos sheets are often fixed together by aluminium runners, held on by blunt-ended nails. Look at the joints.  Inside, the sheets will be held together by plastic or wooden runners.

If your roof is constructed in this way, then you should also inspect the adhesives that have been used. There is a good chance that they also contain asbestos.

Roofs made from asbestos cement can become very brittle and fragile.

It is important that you contact a specialist in asbestos removal in order to have it safely disposed of. It is also worth checking your entire garage structure, not just the roof. There could be asbestos contained in the wall cement to help improve insulation. Again, you can check the texture and appearance for fibres, dimples and craters.

If you’re still wondering how can I tell if my garage roof is asbestos, read on.

If you want to check your garage roof for asbestos, it’s really important to take precautions.

Check before you start work.

Don’t use power tools (including drills and saws). If you suspect there is asbestos present you need to confirm this before you begin any work. Asbestos fibres will be released into the air if disturbed. It must be handled with absolute care.

Keep family members and pets away and remove any toys or seating.

Look, don’t touch.

Asbestos is most dangerous when disturbed as this is when the particles are released into the air.

Wear protective clothing.

You will need a face mask, gloves and clothing which covers any bare skin. The safest way is to wear a disposable suit with a hood. Your mask must have a built-in respirator and you must wear safety gloves. Make sure to wash and disinfect your hands and face.

Never eat or drink in an area which you suspect contains asbestos.

 If in doubt check it out.

If you suspect that your garage contains asbestos the safest thing to do is contact an asbestos professional. They will be able to test the material and confirm if asbestos is present.

If asbestos is found, they will also be able to remove and dispose of it in a safe and controlled way.

If you are worried about how to identify asbestos in your garage contact us for help.

We will advise and work with you to keep you and your family safe. Asbestos is a very dangerous material, which if inhaled causes life-changing health problems.

Work should only ever be carried out by a trained professional.

By contacting WeldLag you can be confident that any harmful materials are identified, tested and removed.

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